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You didn't go to OT school to spend countless hours doing documentation

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Longer sessions, real client transformations


We are Doug and Lindsey Vestal

Lindsey graduated OT school with over 100K in student loan debt but big dreams of opening her own practice.  But success was never a given being one of the first OTs in pelvic floor therapy, no business background and the highly competitive market of NYC.

So while Lindsey saw clients, Doug dived deep into all things business, learning new skills and leveraging his previous experience working at start-ups and big corporations in executive roles managing teams across 3 continents.

Together, they grew the business to over 6 figures in 1.5 years, paid off all the student loan debt, max out their retirement accounts each year and have created a life with ultimate freedom. 

Now, we use our expertise to teach other OTs how to invest in themselves, and their future, by starting and running their own thriving private pay OT practice to give themselves financial freedom, time freedom and treatment freedom for their clients


"Working with Doug has been a crash course in marketing specific to my business.  Everything we went over I was able to directly apply.  Doug doesn't do the work for you, but rather provides you the expertise and mentorship to confidently develop your own marketing voice"

- Dana Solomon

"I would 10000% recommend Private Pay MBA!  The course helped me map out and complete the steps needed to start my business.  It can be a huge benefit for others who are even in the very early thought process of starting a business and beneficial to those who've already started a business.  I think the mindset pieces to this course were GOLD in helping me move forward and I now realize the importance of having this mindset."

- Jenna Darrenkamp


Make your OT Private Pay Practice a thriving success. 

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Private Pay MBA

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Price your services with confidence, attract clients that sing your praises, operate your OT business smoothly and build your best life. 

Building a Private Pay OT practice that gives you freedom is a marathon, not a sprint. 

We'll guide you with bite-sized advice so you don't replace a 40hr/week job working for someone else with a 100hr/week job working for yourself.

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