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  • Treatment freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Money freedom
With a practice that enriches lives, aligns with your values, and redefines success in occupational therapy


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More Freedom

Spend your treatment time as you know best + have time for yourself and family

Less Paperwork

You didn't go to OT school to spend countless hours doing documentation

Real Impact

Longer sessions, real client transformations

All You Want is to Make a Real Difference


A vision to empower individuals, to help them overcome their challenges, and to make a tangible impact on their lives. But in the reality of modern healthcare settings, your aspirations are often overshadowed by the demands of paperwork, administrative protocols, and rigid productivity targets.

You're not alone in feeling that the essence of OT – the personal connection, the tailored care, the joy of seeing your clients thrive – is getting lost in a sea of bureaucracy

And you probably daydream of being able to OT the way YOU know best:

  • Focus Solely on Client Care: Spend your days doing what you love – helping clients, not being buried under paperwork.
  • Create Tailored Treatment Plans: Have the freedom to design interventions that truly meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships: Develop deeper connections with your clients without the pressure of back-to-back appointments.
  • Enjoy Professional Autonomy: Make decisions based on your expertise and your clients' best interests, not on insurance limitations.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom and Security: Overcome the overwork and underappreciation cycle, breaking free from stagnant pay despite your significant investment in education and dedication to your career.

The Path to True Autonomy: Opening your own private pay practice is the only way to fully achieve this. In your own practice, you're in the driver's seat, making decisions that align with your professional values and financial goals, free from third-party constraints.

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Just like you, these OTs didn't learn business skills in OT school. 

But, they realized something crtical: if they were qualified to work for someone else, then they were qualified to work for themselves.

With the help of Private Pay MBA they are building a life of treatment freedom, time freedom and money freedom while improving the lives of their clients.