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Build a client-attracting OT website in days, not months, without getting bogged down in technical details or endless design decisions... 


✅  Effortlessly Install a Pro-Designed Template: Skip the expensive designer fees with our ready-to-use, expertly crafted Squarespace template.

Irresistible Client-Attracting Homepage Blueprint: Leverage our exclusive blueprint to create a homepage that captivates and converts, setting the stage for your online success.

Effortless Content Creation & Optimization: Utilize our innovative strategies for specialty and 'About Us' pages, along with example copywriting, to craft compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Automatic Online Visibility Boost: Master local SEO and Google My Business with our easy-to-follow methods, turning your website into a 24/7 marketing powerhouse that never takes a day off.

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"I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share my experience with Doug’s “OT Website in a Box.”  This website template was a game-changer for me and helped me get my website up and running over a weekend.  Not months, not weeks, but 2 days.  And NO TEARS!

The template was not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to navigate, making the entire process a breeze. 

I cannot express enough my gratitude for Doug and the “OT Website in a Box.”

If you are looking for a straightforward path to getting your website up and running and looking professional, I highly recommend this program. "

- Nicole Gregory, OTR/L

Building your OT practice website can feel overwhelming and time-consuming 

After are an OT who just wants to serve their clients and not spend all your hours trying to design your practice website.

And if you're an OT just starting out, feeling swamped by the daunting task of creating a website, or an established practice owner with a site that's outdated and ineffective, you know the frustration all too well.

The endless tinkering, the outdated design, the sense that you're leaving opportunities on the table...

For those just beginning, it might feel like your website is a hurdle too high, a project that keeps you from truly launching your practice. It's easy to get lost in the details, to tinker endlessly, using it as an excuse to not put yourself out there.

And if you're running a practice with an old website, you might sense it's not doing you any favors. It probably looks dated, doesn't reflect your current services, and worst of all, fails to convert visitors into clients. It's just sitting there, a digital relic, not a dynamic tool driving your practice forward.

The truth is, whether you're just starting or looking to revamp your existing site, a focused, well-crafted website is your most powerful asset.

A tailored website speaks directly to your ideal clients, with clear messaging and a targeted approach, turning it from a daunting project or neglected page into a client-attracting powerhouse.

Think about the successful OTs you admire – did they build their client base with a makeshift or stagnant website?

No, they harnessed the power of a strong online presence.

And that's exactly what 'OT Website in a Box' offers – a straightforward, effective path to a website that works tirelessly for your practice, whether you're building from scratch or breathing new life into an old site.

Building a Client-Attracting Website is one of the most POWERFUL ways to fill your practice...and it doesn't have to be hard, time-consuming or frustrating. 


You just need a PROVEN framework to follow.

And if you don’t create a client-attracting website, your practice risks remaining unseen in your niche… simply because the people you WANT to reach – the ones who need your expertise the most – can’t find you, and your online presence doesn’t stand out.

Think about it… what is a website if not a hub of engaging, relevant content?

Drawing in potential clients and keeping them engaged with your services is what a well-designed website does best!

That’s why having a strong online presence is more crucial than ever in today’s digital landscape. 

Here's a simple fact: the majority of your potential clients are looking for OT services online. And if your website isn’t optimized to meet their needs and the standards of modern web design, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

So whether you’re starting a new practice or simply want to grow your client base… why wouldn’t you leverage the most powerful tool at your disposal – your website – to really drive your success?

All this to say… in 'OT Website in a Box,' you’re going to learn the most critical elements of building a successful online presence for your OT practice without the overwhlem.

It starts with creating a website that’s not just informative, but irresistibly engaging and client-attracting.


"OT Website in a Box" is an on-demand virtual program delivered straight to you.


Inside "OT Website in a Box", you’ll go from being a overwhelmed by your practice website to having hit "published" on a client-attracting website in a matter of days.

Here's what OT's who have used OT Website in a Box have said....

Speaking directly to my ideal client!


 OT Website in a Box allowed me to stay in my ‘zone of genius’ as I built my practice, instead of frittering away time and energy learning a whole new skill. I was able to create my website faster than I would have on my own, without the overwhelm and endless tinkering of building a site from scratch.  The icing on the cake was when I showed it to my ideal client and they said it was exactly what they were looking for!

- Lexy Martinez, OTR/L

Working with a clear path!


Website design has always been this daunting concept as I moved into private practice. I loved the idea of being creative, however the flow, colors, wording, and what to place where just felt so overwhelming. I paid for and tried a variety of sites trying to find "the easy way," but nothing ever came out the way I wanted it to. I really used my website as a way to stall as a place to throw all of my negative thoughts and feelings of fear into opening my private practice. I allowed this stalling to affect my start date, my ability to talk with referring parties and solidly taking steps to move forward. Doug has been instrumental in reviving my mindset and teaching me to take steps. Just when I thought he had provided me with the greatest gifts of managing a startup, he then provided me with a detailed conversation and visual for a website. Once he opened the mock site and went page by page I could feel the negative and self doubt shifting, it was so much easier. He took the fear and the discomfort out of everything that was website oriented. I was able to get to work right away with a clear path, learning that progress over perfection mindset to confidently launch my site. 

- Rachel Kelly, OTR/L

 Website up and running in a weekend!


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share my experience with Doug’s “OT Website in a Box.” 

This website template was a game-changer for me and helped me get my website up and running over a weekend. 

Not months, not weeks, but 2 days (intermittently). 


The template was not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to navigate, making the entire process a breeze. 

I cannot express enough my gratitude for Doug and the “OT Website in a Box.” If you are looking for a straightforward path to getting your website up and running and looking professional, I highly recommend this program.  

Thank you, Doug, for providing so much guidance and knowledge to help me turn my digital dreams into a reality.

- Nicole Gregory, OTR/L

Hey there... 

My name is Doug Vestal and I help OTs just like you start and grow thriving Private Pay Practices.

I'm the creator of Private Pay MBA - the first and only course + intensive mentorship program for OTs looking to transform their OT skills into a thriving private pay practice which gives them more treatment freedom, time freedom, and money freedom.

My wife and I founded our OT practice in NYC in 2014, and since then, I've mentored hundreds of OTs on the business skills we wished we knew when we got started.

The OTs I work with are compassionate, empathetic, and want to focus as much of their time as possible on serving their clients.

But many times they feel held back by feeling like an imposter, second guessing themselves, and worried about making a mistake.

And their practice website is one of the primary places that all these feelings come together and prevent them from...taking action and getting their amazing services out into their community.

So after seeing this countless times, I set out to make it super simple to get your practice website up and running.

Truth bomb #1: you absolutely need an amazing website to attract more of your ideal clients.

Truth bomb #2: crafting a client-attracting website is simple once you have a framework to follow.

OT Website in a Box is the culmination of years working with OTs so that you can get your practice website up and running without overwhelm.

'OT Website in a Box' is the first and only course showing OTs like yourself how to build a client attracting website in days, not months. 


Let’s get your practice website launched (or re-launched!) so it can work for you 24/7 and 365 days a week.

Here's what's included

Custom Designed Squarespace Template Optimized for Private Practices Like Yours

I spent $1,000s with a professional website designer in Australia so you don’t have to.  Not only is this template expertly designed, but the sections have been thoughtfully constructed with one goal in mind: turn your website visitors into bookings.

All you have to do is install the template, follow the instructions, complete the workbooks (with example copywriting) to customize it for your practice.

The Irresistible Client-Attracting Homepage Blueprint

Say goodbye to a homepage that's just 'nice' and hello to one that actively wins clients

  • Overcome Homepage Overwhelm: Create a homepage that instantly connects with your client's deepest needs, eliminating confusion and indecision.
  • End Visitor Drop-offs: Master the blend of empathy and authority to turn fleeting visits into lasting client relationships.
  • Transform Web Presence: Turn a static homepage into a dynamic, client-attracting powerhouse, ending the cycle of unnoticed online efforts.

Crafting a Client-Centric 'About Us' Page

Transform your 'About Us' page from a standard bio to a client magnet

  • Break the Impersonal Barrier: Use storytelling to create a personal connection, moving beyond the typical, forgettable 'About Us' page.
  • Establish Trust, Not Just Credentials: Position yourself as a partner in your client's health journey, not just another service provider.
  • Make Your Story Matter: Align your experiences with your clients' needs, turning your background into a compelling reason to choose you.

How to Craft an Impactful Specialty Page

Elevate your specialty page from a simple service list to a compelling client journey

  • End the Jargon Jungle: Showcase your unique skills and services in a language that's both informative and inspiring, avoiding technical overwhelm.

  • Speak to the Heart, Not Just the Mind: Combine your expertise with emotional intelligence, motivating clients to act, not just read.

  • Invite Action, Not Just Awareness: Elevate your specialty page from a simple list of services to a compelling call to transformation and healing.

Increase Your Visibility: Your Website as Your Most Reliable Employee

Turn your website into a tireless advocate for your practice, working round the clock to boost your visibility and attract clients.

  • Master Local SEO: Learn strategies to dominate local search results, ensuring your practice is the first thing potential clients see when they need OT services in your area.
  • Leverage Google My Business: Maximize your presence on Google My Business to stand out in local searches, making it easier for clients to find, contact, and review your practice.
  • Automate Your Marketing: Implement tools and techniques that keep your website active and engaging, acting as a 24/7 marketing team that never takes a day off.
  • Consistent Online Presence: Ensure your website is always up-to-date and reflective of your practice's current offerings, building trust and reliability with potential clients.

Build Your Client-Attracting Website in Days Without Overwhelm

OT Website in a Box


Get immediate access to "OT Website in a Box" including the following:

  • Custom designed Squarespace template optimized for private practices
  • The "Irresistible Client-Attracting Homepage Blueprint"
  • The "How to Craft an Impactful Specialty Page" Framework
  • The "Crafting a Client-Centric 'About Us' Page" Framework
  • How to optimize your Google My Business setup (+ why this is so important)
  • Local SEO best practices so your website is found in your community

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